Real Madrid Cuerrent Affairs

Modric has always worn the number 10 shirt at spurs and for the Croatian national team, and with the exception of the number 14 he wore at Dinamo Zagreb in his early years, the number is almost his trademark number.But when Modric joined real Madrid, the number 10 shirt was owned by ozil, who moved to Arsenal two years later, leaving the shirt vacant.But no. 10 is still Modric’s favorite number, just like no. 7 for Cristiano Ronaldo and no. 9 for Ronaldinho.”When I had the chance to wear the number 10 shirt, I definitely didn’t hesitate to pick it up,” said Modric, who finally wanted it this season. “it’s my favorite number.It’s a special thing to be able to wear your favourite number on your back, especially the number 10 of the best club in the world. Fans are also keen on the Real Madrid Kit. According to sources, Modric, who is due to expire in 2020, has turned down his first contract extension from real Madrid. It seems that Modric wants to retire from a club with less pressure than real Madrid. Modric, who has said in an interview that he wants to retire from real Madrid, has turned down a new contract offer from the club. According to media reports, real Madrid and Modric signed a two-year contract, the annual salary remains unchanged, but Modric hopes to increase the annual salary. If the magic flute fails to renew his contract with real Madrid, it is mentioned in the article that the first choice of the magic flute is interred Milan, followed by the Chinese team, although Modric claims that his wish is to retire at real Madrid. However, after the World Cup, the news that the Croatian will go to inter has not faded.

Modric, who will be 35 when his contract expires in 2020, is no longer young, but inter have been keen to bring him in, according to Piero Asilio, an inter executive. I have been saying this summer that we have been here and if the person who proposed the transfer thinks it will work, he has to talk to real Madrid first and then tell us. Modric was named Croatian player of the year for 2018 today. In 2018, the magic flute was perfect. He won three consecutive European championships with real Madrid and led the Croatian national team to a historic second place in the World Cup. In terms of individual honors, Modric won the 2018 European golden ball award, FIFA world player of the year and Uefa player of the year. Against the backdrop of a World Cup rise in value, he was determined to leave anyway and ended up on loan at Chelsea. He found his place at Chelsea. Kovacic has told Chelsea officials he wants to stay on loan, but there is no buyout clause in his contract, so to keep him Chelsea wants the player to say, so they can undercut real Madrid. And, in fact, this is real Madrid’s monologues, Mr West, originally is dispensable for real Madrid, real Madrid focuses on Chelsea Azar, since Mr West’s personal intention is to stay at Chelsea, so as the division of tile Sich move to join the Adzharian transfer, if necessary, Mr Golden MODRIC can also be added to the trading, Luka Modric, after all, now 33 years old, and he just won a golden globe, how much value has not been falling, while the time will also sell, can harvest, and the price.


Special Jersey

Argentine football star Lionel Messi hasn’t sent anything, but two jerseys to the five-year-old Afghan boy who became an Internet sensation last month when he was pictured wearing a plastic bag with “Messi” scrawled on it in marker pen. Murtaza Ahmadi travelled with his family from eastern Ghazni province to Kabul to receive the gifts sent by Messi through UNICEF. “Murtaza couldn’t stop smiling. He kept repeating: I love Messi,” UNICEF Afghanistan spokesman Denise Shepherd-Johnson told AFP. Messi autographed the jerseys, writing “With much love” in Spanish on them, and added a football to the treasure trove, UNICEF said. Purchasing a Messi jersey was beyond the means of Murtaza’s poor family, members of the persecuted ethnic Hazara minority living in volatile Ghazni, near Kabul. His elder brother Homayoun, 15, improvised the blue and white striped plastic shirt with Messi’s name scrawled in black marker, and posted the photos of Murtaza wearing it on Facebook in mid-January. The image touched a chord with football fans around the world, and earned Murtaza the sobriquet “little Messi” on social media.

The Afghan Football Federation had said Messi was in contact with them to arrange a meeting with Murtaza as soon as possible, with the Spanish embassy in Kabul telling AFP it would do whatever possible to facilitate. But a source close to Messi’s entourage said earlier this month they could neither confirm nor deny the speculation regarding a possible meeting. Setting up a meeting in Afghanistan, in the grip of a fierce Taliban insurgency, is fraught with security challenges. Dressed in a tatty make shift Lionel Messi soccer shirt styled from a plastic bag, a little Afghan fan dreams of becoming a soccer star one day like the Barcelona legend. Murtaza Ahmadi ,5, can often be seen playing on muddy grpund in front of his home in the eastern province of Ghazni. “My greatest desire is to meet with Messi one day, to learn from him and become a star like him,” Murtaza said. With his room adorned with posters of the star, the child known locally as Messi-e-Kochak(junior Messi) gained worldwide fame after photos of him dressed in the makeshift Messi shirt were posted on Facebook by his elder brother Hamayon. Internet users quickly launched a global search to identify the youngster, and an Iraqi television program initially claimed that the boy was from Kurdistan in Iraq. However, Murtaza’s uncle and some Afghan youths correctly identified one of Messi’s youngest fans. Inspired by Messi’s personality and achievements, the boy never misses a match on TV in which the star is playing, according to his father, Arif Ahmadi, 44. Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, said his son is aware of the photos that made waves on social media and “wants to do something” for his young fan. On Monday, the Afghanistan Football Federation said Messi is keen to meet with  Murtazaas soon soon as possible, although no date or venue has been finalized.

Loris Karius hopes he can continue to play for Liverpool

Loris Karius (born on 22 June 1993) is a German professional footballer and he plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool. On 24 May 2016, Karius signed a five-year deal with Liverpool. He was given the number 1 jersey.

Liverpool Football Club is a Premier League club in Liverpool, England. The club has won 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups, and 15 FA Community Shields. Liverpool is one of the most successful football clubs in England even in the world. The club plays its home games at Anfield Stadium with a seating capacity of 54,074 making it the sixth largest football stadium in England.

Karius hoped that he could remain Liverpool’s No 1 keeper on 7 February 2018.

Karius made his debut in a EFL Cup on 20 September 2016. He played his first Premier League match against Hull City on 24 September. On 24 October 2016, Jürgen Klopp confirmed that Karius was Liverpool’s first-choice goalkeeper. Klopp is the current manager of Liverpool. He is a former German professional footballer who spent his 15-year playing career at Mainz 05. He also played for Borussia Dortmund, a German sports club based in Dortmund. As a preeminent manager, he has got German Football Manager of the Year award in 2011 and 2012 and Premier League Manager of the Month award in September 2016.

Karius said:“I just want to show myself, so I will have a chance next season to play for the club, which is the challenge facing me personally. I also want to help this team achieve as much as we can. We have the Champions League and we want to go forward. Why not win it?”

Rodriguez Paid Attention to Games Rather Than England Spot

Jay Rodriguez, a forward of West Brom, departed Liverpool with blazing positive remarks. These positive remarks come from Steven Gerrard, ringing in his ears all day. He admitted he have not imagine the possibility to play the 2018 FIFA World Cup in summer.

Gerrard, the former captain of England national football team and club Liverpool, has summarized for the football game of FA Cup fourth-round win. He argued that the the two goals won in the match has pulled him back into England contention.

Gareth Southgate, the team manager of England side, saw the performances of the 28 years old in the football match. The footballer adds five goals into his tally in the latest six games while the striker of West Brom he could not exit the team for his outstanding performances in 2013.

The footballer is a legendary professional football player among many excellent football players. One cannot find an excellent footballer like that. It’s amazing. Most football players are pleased with the excellent football players on football pitch for his eminent practical skills. Steve won five goals only in four football matches in March 2014. Unfortunately, the ligament was torn only several days into April. The serious injuries ruled him out of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

He aspired to reach the highest level of his football playing career and the dream is amazing for him. At present, he could only do the things he could do easily in football games, trying to improve his ability day by day.

Zinedine Yazid Zidane: I am not the best coach but not the worst

On November 4, 2017, Zidane attended a press conference before the match of Real Madrid vs. Las Palmas. All players will put on Spain Home Shirt 2017 at the match. Spain football shirts are designed and manufactured by Adidas. They are the most innovative products for the team.

After Real Madrid’s two consecutive losses, Zidane was criticized by a lot of persons. But he said that he was not the worst coach.

Gareth Bale and Daniel Carvajal are expected to return in the near future. “I am very happy that Bale and Carvaja will be back. In addition, Mateo Kovacic will return next week. Carvajal and Bale have recovered. They have subsequently completed the training with the team. I am very happy to see them being together with the team. But they can not play matches. They still need time to recover. I hope they can continue to train in order to play games on football fields as soon as possible.” says Zidane.

When it comes to criticism, Zidane says:“the best way to change the defeat into victory is to prove that football is like this. Criticism is something that I am not able to avoid. Because of the good performance of last season, I was regarded as the best coach around the world. I accept the praise, but I’m not the best. Meanwhile, I am not the worst at present. This is a bad moment for us, but it is not the worst moment in our sports career. Life is like this, good or bad. We, the players and me, are all positive. This is us. Although we are not satisfied with the result. We will not change anything.”

FIFA U20 World Cup

The England squad has achieved unprecedented success at FIFA U20 World Cup, inspiring the loyal fans and young players of the country. Some argue that this great success might never occurred once more.

The England side claims their title on the basis of this tremendous success, following the achieved success of European Championship. Although youths of England failed to get trophies at tournament, both U21 and U17 has reached semi-finals. Not only the young players, but also loyal fans were encouraged by the exciting news.

Given the performance at tournaments, the breaking news of England squad delighted most loyal fans and young players.

The squad attaches importance to the next competition rather than submerged in the overwhelmed success. They will in new and comfortable football shirts and compete with other squads, never stopping their steps of efforts. Wearing brand new white home Shirts sponsored by Nike, they will grow stronger with each failure. In the near future, I believe they will be awarded more trophies for another tremendous success.

Countries on Euro 2017 and Meaning for Women’s Football

England women’s football team beat France with the 1-0 win over France at Euro 2017. It was their first triumph against France football team since 1974. Jodie Taylor’s hopes not just to rewrite recent history, but also puts her country into the semi-finals.

England Football Shirt for Women

Mark Sampson says the victory delights him very much. It’s been a long time since the last win over France. In the past few decades, France was a competent and powerful football team in Europe. But for England, this hurt haunted in their minds over 43 years. Please click here for more information about their football shirts

However, young players of England women’s football team have no idea about this triumph for the reparation of competition with the Netherlands on Thursday. Besides, they have not updated their social media posts. That is a way to put themselves in the competitions completely, avoiding interferences and pressures from outside world. On the contrary, France is disappointed about this news for their misses.

Jeff Hendrick

Jeff Hendrick, born in Dublin, has been chosen as a member fight for Ireland. In October 2013, the male player, aged 25, was involved in a disorder on a midnight in Dublin. After a thirty minutes discussion and deliberation, a not guilty verdict were agree by a jury of Circuit Criminal Court in Dublin. A man who defend for Hendrick speak out reasons and understanding of this disorder. He argues that the disorder is just a drunk men shouting rather than a crime. But the other person – Jonathan Doran was not lucky the same as Jeff Hendrick, a co-accused member. As a member of Burnley, the club holds that the matter is ended now.

Last year, he joined the Clarets for a large sum of money. And he has appeared 35 times and performed well in 2016-17 season. This green and refreshing football kit covered his body is the latest football kit unveiled by Umbro in 2016. Fc Kingdom is the best online retailer in UK, proving high caliber football devices for loyal fans and football players. Please enter into your search engine for more information.

Rafael Márquez: A Football Captain Stuck in Scandal

Rafa Márquez, as professional members has played for two clubs — Monaco and Barcelona, refused to recognize any link with drugs cartel. But he declared that he would cooperate with institution, which is in charge of this matter, to fulfill his obligation of a citizen. Besides, there are 21 persons and 42 organizations selected by US government fort sanctions. The US Treasury Department suspects ties among these persons and organizations. A well-known singer is also one of them.

The Department suspects he plays an important role among the drug cartel, as a “front person” who takes the advantage of football school and sports outlets. For this reason, some real estates and other valuable assets within the jurisdiction of US will be frozen until the emerging of effective and obvious evidences. However, this determination on sanction is confronted with rejection from Mr. Álvarez who defended Mr. Marquez.

Mr. Álvarez expresses his own opinion on a popular social media platform. He argues that Mr. Marquez is a person worked for football for many years. It’s unreasonable to act as a “front person” to reach some illegal purposes.

Holland 3-0 England

The Netherlands women’s national football team defeat England women’s national football team on Thursday night. As a host of Euro 2017, it takes the advantages of time, place, people and comfortable football kit ending with a great success in Enschede.

The Lionesses were pleasantly second-best right here and also fell victim to goals from Vivianne Miedema and also Danielle van de Donk prior to Millie Bright put through her very own net to emphasize the gulf in course.

Supervisor Mark Sampson, revealing red eyes himself, exposed every member of his team had actually shed tears after losing in a competition the Lionesses understood they should have won.

England were the first-class group left in this Euros after quarter-final leaves for France as well as Germany but a big opportunity for the country’s initial elderly cutlery given that 1966 is currently in the container.

Netherlands National Football Team


‘A game akin to that of tonight is a genuine bitter tablet to ingest since the members have actually offered a lot – I recognize first-hand exactly how hard they have actually functioned, what dedication they have actually made, what sacrifices they have actually contributed, to aid this group do something unique. However tonight wasn’t an evening for us.’