Loris Karius hopes he can continue to play for Liverpool

Loris Karius (born on 22 June 1993) is a German professional footballer and he plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool. On 24 May 2016, Karius signed a five-year deal with Liverpool. He was given the number 1 jersey. Liverpool Football Club is a Premier League club in Liverpool, England. The club has won 5 European Cups, 3 […]

Rodriguez Paid Attention to Games Rather Than England Spot

Jay Rodriguez, a forward of West Brom, departed Liverpool with blazing positive remarks. These positive remarks come from Steven Gerrard, ringing in his ears all day. He admitted he have not imagine the possibility to play the 2018 FIFA World Cup in summer. Gerrard, the former captain of England national football team and club Liverpool, […]

Zinedine Yazid Zidane: I am not the best coach but not the worst

On November 4, 2017, Zidane attended a press conference before the match of Real Madrid vs. Las Palmas. All players will put on Spain Home Shirt 2017 at the match. Spain football shirts are designed and manufactured by Adidas. They are the most innovative products for the team. After Real Madrid’s two consecutive losses, Zidane was criticized […]

FIFA U20 World Cup

The England squad has achieved unprecedented success at FIFA U20 World Cup, inspiring the loyal fans and young players of the country. Some argue that this great success might never occurred once more. The England side claims their title on the basis of this tremendous success, following the achieved success of European Championship. Although youths […]

Countries on Euro 2017 and Meaning for Women’s Football

England women’s football team beat France with the 1-0 win over France at Euro 2017. It was their first triumph against France football team since 1974. Jodie Taylor’s hopes not just to rewrite recent history, but also puts her country into the semi-finals. Mark Sampson says the victory delights him very much. It’s been a […]

Jeff Hendrick

Jeff Hendrick, born in Dublin, has been chosen as a member fight for Ireland. In October 2013, the male player, aged 25, was involved in a disorder on a midnight in Dublin. After a thirty minutes discussion and deliberation, a not guilty verdict were agree by a jury of Circuit Criminal Court in Dublin. A […]

Rafael Márquez: A Football Captain Stuck in Scandal

Rafa Márquez, as professional members has played for two clubs — Monaco and Barcelona, refused to recognize any link with drugs cartel. But he declared that he would cooperate with institution, which is in charge of this matter, to fulfill his obligation of a citizen. Besides, there are 21 persons and 42 organizations selected by […]

Holland 3-0 England

The Netherlands women’s national football team defeat England women’s national football team on Thursday night. As a host of Euro 2017, it takes the advantages of time, place, people and comfortable football kit ending with a great success in Enschede. The Lionesses were pleasantly second-best right here and also fell victim to goals from Vivianne […]