Zinedine Yazid Zidane: I am not the best coach but not the worst

On November 4, 2017, Zidane attended a press conference before the match of Real Madrid vs. Las Palmas. All players will put on Spain Home Shirt 2017 at the match. Spain football shirts are designed and manufactured by Adidas. They are the most innovative products for the team.

After Real Madrid’s two consecutive losses, Zidane was criticized by a lot of persons. But he said that he was not the worst coach.

Gareth Bale and Daniel Carvajal are expected to return in the near future. “I am very happy that Bale and Carvaja will be back. In addition, Mateo Kovacic will return next week. Carvajal and Bale have recovered. They have subsequently completed the training with the team. I am very happy to see them being together with the team. But they can not play matches. They still need time to recover. I hope they can continue to train in order to play games on football fields as soon as possible.” says Zidane.

When it comes to criticism, Zidane says:“the best way to change the defeat into victory is to prove that football is like this. Criticism is something that I am not able to avoid. Because of the good performance of last season, I was regarded as the best coach around the world. I accept the praise, but I’m not the best. Meanwhile, I am not the worst at present. This is a bad moment for us, but it is not the worst moment in our sports career. Life is like this, good or bad. We, the players and me, are all positive. This is us. Although we are not satisfied with the result. We will not change anything.”