Real Madrid Cuerrent Affairs

Modric has always worn the number 10 shirt at spurs and for the Croatian national team, and with the exception of the number 14 he wore at Dinamo Zagreb in his early years, the number is almost his trademark number.But when Modric joined real Madrid, the number 10 shirt was owned by ozil, who moved to Arsenal two years later, leaving the shirt vacant.But no. 10 is still Modric’s favorite number, just like no. 7 for Cristiano Ronaldo and no. 9 for Ronaldinho.”When I had the chance to wear the number 10 shirt, I definitely didn’t hesitate to pick it up,” said Modric, who finally wanted it this season. “it’s my favorite number.It’s a special thing to be able to wear your favourite number on your back, especially the number 10 of the best club in the world. Fans are also keen on the Real Madrid Kit. According to sources, Modric, who is due to expire in 2020, has turned down his first contract extension from real Madrid. It seems that Modric wants to retire from a club with less pressure than real Madrid. Modric, who has said in an interview that he wants to retire from real Madrid, has turned down a new contract offer from the club. According to media reports, real Madrid and Modric signed a two-year contract, the annual salary remains unchanged, but Modric hopes to increase the annual salary. If the magic flute fails to renew his contract with real Madrid, it is mentioned in the article that the first choice of the magic flute is interred Milan, followed by the Chinese team, although Modric claims that his wish is to retire at real Madrid. However, after the World Cup, the news that the Croatian will go to inter has not faded.

Modric, who will be 35 when his contract expires in 2020, is no longer young, but inter have been keen to bring him in, according to Piero Asilio, an inter executive. I have been saying this summer that we have been here and if the person who proposed the transfer thinks it will work, he has to talk to real Madrid first and then tell us. Modric was named Croatian player of the year for 2018 today. In 2018, the magic flute was perfect. He won three consecutive European championships with real Madrid and led the Croatian national team to a historic second place in the World Cup. In terms of individual honors, Modric won the 2018 European golden ball award, FIFA world player of the year and Uefa player of the year. Against the backdrop of a World Cup rise in value, he was determined to leave anyway and ended up on loan at Chelsea. He found his place at Chelsea. Kovacic has told Chelsea officials he wants to stay on loan, but there is no buyout clause in his contract, so to keep him Chelsea wants the player to say, so they can undercut real Madrid. And, in fact, this is real Madrid’s monologues, Mr West, originally is dispensable for real Madrid, real Madrid focuses on Chelsea Azar, since Mr West’s personal intention is to stay at Chelsea, so as the division of tile Sich move to join the Adzharian transfer, if necessary, Mr Golden MODRIC can also be added to the trading, Luka Modric, after all, now 33 years old, and he just won a golden globe, how much value has not been falling, while the time will also sell, can harvest, and the price.


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