Rafael Márquez: A Football Captain Stuck in Scandal

Rafa Márquez, as professional members has played for two clubs — Monaco and Barcelona, refused to recognize any link with drugs cartel. But he declared that he would cooperate with institution, which is in charge of this matter, to fulfill his obligation of a citizen. Besides, there are 21 persons and 42 organizations selected by US government fort sanctions. The US Treasury Department suspects ties among these persons and organizations. A well-known singer is also one of them.

The Department suspects he plays an important role among the drug cartel, as a “front person” who takes the advantage of football school and sports outlets. For this reason, some real estates and other valuable assets within the jurisdiction of US will be frozen until the emerging of effective and obvious evidences. However, this determination on sanction is confronted with rejection from Mr. Álvarez who defended Mr. Marquez.

Mr. Álvarez expresses his own opinion on a popular social media platform. He argues that Mr. Marquez is a person worked for football for many years. It’s unreasonable to act as a “front person” to reach some illegal purposes.