Countries on Euro 2017 and Meaning for Women’s Football

England women’s football team beat France with the 1-0 win over France at Euro 2017. It was their first triumph against France football team since 1974. Jodie Taylor’s hopes not just to rewrite recent history, but also puts her country into the semi-finals.

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Mark Sampson says the victory delights him very much. It’s been a long time since the last win over France. In the past few decades, France was a competent and powerful football team in Europe. But for England, this hurt haunted in their minds over 43 years. Please click here for more information about their football shirts

However, young players of England women’s football team have no idea about this triumph for the reparation of competition with the Netherlands on Thursday. Besides, they have not updated their social media posts. That is a way to put themselves in the competitions completely, avoiding interferences and pressures from outside world. On the contrary, France is disappointed about this news for their misses.