FIFA U20 World Cup

The England squad has achieved unprecedented success at FIFA U20 World Cup, inspiring the loyal fans and young players of the country. Some argue that this great success might never occurred once more.

The England side claims their title on the basis of this tremendous success, following the achieved success of European Championship. Although youths of England failed to get trophies at tournament, both U21 and U17 has reached semi-finals. Not only the young players, but also loyal fans were encouraged by the exciting news.

Given the performance at tournaments, the breaking news of England squad delighted most loyal fans and young players.

The squad attaches importance to the next competition rather than submerged in the overwhelmed success. They will in new and comfortable football shirts and compete with other squads, never stopping their steps of efforts. Wearing brand new white home Shirts sponsored by Nike, they will grow stronger with each failure. In the near future, I believe they will be awarded more trophies for another tremendous success.